About FSC Range - A new approach to project delivery

FSC Range is a new type of engineering consulting business, born out of the meeting of two worlds. In 2020 Nathan Burmeister, the former Victorian Transport Manager and APAC Ports and Maritime Manager of an ASX-listed consulting firm, met the directors of the FSC Group, a company specialising in innovative project delivery, design management and environmental management.

Despite being from different backgrounds, they shared a passion for planning and building infrastructure differently, an approach based on innovation, teamwork, balance and trust.

Nathan became the Managing Director of FSC Range, determined to provide a better engineering consulting service to clients, a service that combined consulting and construction engineering. This combination means we understand both the design and construction aspects of infrastructure, allowing us to produce far more for our clients than just reports and drawings.

Our work is our passion, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

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Fresh thinking  

The civil engineering consulting industry has been doing the same old stale thing for decades. FSC Range provides a refreshing alternative, one that’s based on collaboration and harnessing the extensive experience of our diverse team.



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