Port Bonython Dolphin Remediation – Overwater Temporary Works Design

Port Bonython Dolphin Remediation – Overwater Temporary Works Design

Maverick Penman

Maverick Penman

Structural Engineer

FSC Range was engaged by a joint-venture of Marine and Civil Maintenance and Maritime Constructions to prepare a design for two complex structures used in the remediation of 6 large concrete dolphin pile caps.

The temporary works structures were designed to straddle the existing pile caps and provide multiple platform levels to provide access for personnel undertaking concrete deskinning works.

The temporary structure was modelled using SPACE GASS, a structural software that dramatically reduces manual calculations and allows on-the-fly updates as required by the Client. This package also allows for 3D rendering at all stages of the design – an effective tool for ongoing stakeholder engagement. Once modelling is complete, files are exported in conventional .IFC format to Revit then output to drafting.

Unique constraints of the design:

  • The temporary structure was to consist of large modular segments to minimise site erection time
  • The geometry of the structure had to allow for reuse in multiple locations and accommodate numerous obstructions
  • Requiring minimal fixing points to maximize access to face of pile caps for personnel

FSC Range’s key services:

  • Complex structural design
  • Options Analysis & Value Engineering
  • 3D modelling of the structure in Revit, with structural design undertaken using SPACE GASS
  • Clash detection
  • Work was delivered entirely remotely, with the job site in South Australia and stakeholder interfaces managed with digital tools
  • An effective design team consisting of a design lead and two structural engineers

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