We have a deep understanding of the markets we service

Our Markets include:

  • Transport
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • International Development
  • Energy
  • Community Infrastructure.

We deliver projects differently

Our new approach to delivering engineering projects fully engages the brainpower of the team. We use special inhouse software to drive a unique collaboration process and extract the team’s wealth of experience – producing a better outcome for our clients.

We offer outcomes not just services

Our team understands each project’s high level drivers for success and ensures our clients deliver on them. FSC Range’s technical and practical engineers have extensive experience across the project lifecycle, allowing us to tightly integrate planning, design and execution, avoiding potential pitfalls.

Innovation framework

We’re known for generating innovative solutions to challenging problems. It’s something ingrained in our company ethos, workplace environment and innovation framework. Combined with inherently creative staff, it means our business is designed to innovate.