Our Values & Guiding Principals

Our Values & Guiding Principals

FSC is a mission led business. If you have read our story you will be aware of our origins starting out during a really tough time in the infrastructure sector in Victoria.

For us though it was a really exciting time! We couldn’t wait any longer to do things a different way and we have been on that journey since.

Our business exists to improve people’s lives through our work; FSC people, our clients and the community at large.

We do this by helping people build things

We follow our values, which are also our guiding principles. Below is an explanation of each of our 5 values, what they mean to us and how they power us towards our mission;

See the individual, work for the team

We see people as individuals and value this as a strength. Everyone is different, with different drivers, skills and ambitions. We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and to achieve great things we need that diversity.

By recognising our differences and treating people as individuals, it allows us to better work together and one of our key philosophies is that we are stronger together.

FSC people work for the team in all their actions, they give to the team knowing that they will get the same in return, that they will be respected for who they are and have their opinions heard.

They also respect others and their opinions and will back in a decision that is best for the team, even if it isn’t necessarily the best for them.

Make a difference & Inspire people

FSC exists to make a difference and to inspire others through our actions. We are confident in being different and want to share those things with others. We know we will be wrong sometimes and that’s ok, but we lead through our actions.

We will try new things and strive to build a business that inspires other people, through the quality of our work as well as the difference we are making for ourselves, our clients and the communities we work in.

Our commitment to this is unshakeable and means we must be bold and put our ways of working out into the universe.

We are constantly searching for new and better ways to do things that will provide win-win situations for all involved. We want to change the industries that we work in for the better and will always push for new ways to do this.

Build, with care

FSC builds things. But we do so in a way that takes into consideration everything around us, the environment, the quality of the product and take pride in our work. With our mission of changing the way our industry works, we must be the best at what we do. We have to work and improve like master tradesmen and constantly focus on providing the best product for our clients.

Caring for people and caring about quality are core pillars of our business. And it’s not nonsense, it shapes all that we do. That is why we are committed to growth when growth is needed, to being intentional in what we do but always taking a step forward.

An FSC person is considered but pushes the boundaries at the same time. Change is the one constant for us, but not change for changes sake. To achieve our mission to help improve lives through our work, our work needs to be the best in class.

Trust: Earn it, keep it

Trust is something that is earned and is cumulative. It is built through doing what you say you will do and doing it consistently.

To us, it means doing what’s best for our clients even when it is not what’s best for us. Or doing what’s best for a fellow team member even if it’s not what’s best for you.

FSC people are confident but humble. We build long term relationships and honour them because it’s the right thing to do and know it is one of the most satisfying things about life is the relationships you build.

We believe we are better together and building and keeping trust is at the centre of our relationships with one another, our clients and the greater community.

Success through play

FSC people take their work seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. Our work is important but not the most important thing. We have perspective.

Most importantly, we have fun!

We believe you are most creative when you are having fun in a state of play and great things come of it.

We also believe that play means trying new things and not taking it too hard when they don’t work out. Think of a child learning to walk, they just go for it and if they fall over, they get up and go again.

But always remember to cap the downside when trying something new. We believe a sense of play and having fun is where great ideas and our best work comes from.

So enjoy yourself and make a difference at the same time.

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